NFC Business Card

One Tap, Infinite Connections.

With our digital business cards, you’ll have easy access to all your contact information from anywhere, anytime. In the places that you use most.

From your laser engraved NFC Queue Card

Upgrade your networking game with our laser-engraved NFC Queue Card. Tap to instantly share contact info, social profiles, and much more. Say goodbye to paper cards and hello to effortless connections.

Or an app icon on your phones home screen

No more frantic searches for paper cards. With our solution, accessing your queue card is a breeze. Simply tap the app icon on your home screen, and voila! Instant access to your queue card in seconds.

They're infinitely updatable

You can update your digital business card with ease using our user-friendly content management system. Quickly make changes from anywhere, at any time.

With a simple drag and drop editor

No coding skills are required. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily make changes to your Queue Card’s content using a simple drag and drop editor. Add or move elements, update contact details, or showcase new services—all with just a few clicks.

Then browse your analytics

Track views, analyse traffic sources, and seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics. Gain valuable insights to optimise your networking strategy and make informed decisions based on data.

Of your whole team

Of your whole team

Get a complete breakdown of stats for each team member, including their daily, weekly, and total views. Easily identify your top performers.

Or where your traffic comes from

Or where your traffic comes from

Get valuable insights into the sources of your business card traffic with our detailed referral analysis.

With real time tracking in google analytics

With real time tracking in google analytics

Automatically assigned bespoke UTM codes allow you to effortlessly track website traffic sources and origins.

All whilst knowing that you're doing your bit for the environment

We plant a new tree with Ecologi for every business card sold 🌳

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