How to Add a Queue Business Card to Your LinkedIn Bio in 6 Simple Steps

Want to make your LinkedIn profile more engaging by adding your Queue Business Card? Follow these six easy steps to enhance your profile today.

  1. Get your Queue Card URL from your account then sign into your LinkedIn account.
  2. On LinkedIn click on your profile picture or the “Me” icon in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select “View Profile” from the dropdown menu to access your profile page.
  4. Click the “Edit” (pencil) icon next to your profile
    summary to enable editing mode.
  5. In the “About” section, type or paste the link you’d like to include in your bio as well as the Link title. Most people typically have something like “My digital business card 🔗”
  6. Click “Save” to finalise your update and enjoy your new and improved LinkedIn bio.

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