In today’s digital age, business cards remain a crucial networking tool. But with the advent of digital business cards like Queue Card, the landscape is shifting. This article provides a cost-benefit analysis comparing traditional business cards with the Queue Card to help you make an informed choice.

The Cost of Traditional Business Cards

Traditional business cards, while simple and effective, carry ongoing costs. The expenses include the initial design, printing, and any future updates or reprints required due to changes in your information or if you run out of cards. Plus, there’s the environmental cost of the paper used and waste generated.

The Benefits and Costs of Queue Card

Real-Time Updates and Unlimited Availability

With Queue Card, you have the ability to update your business card in real time, ensuring your information is always accurate. You’ll never run out of cards or need reprints. This eliminates ongoing costs and waste, making Queue Card a more sustainable choice.

Enhanced Networking Capabilities

Queue Card elevates networking by using NFC technology to share contact information with just a tap. This offers a level of convenience and modernity that traditional business cards can’t match.

Analytics and Insights

Queue Card provides valuable insights through its analytics capabilities. You can track views, identify top performers, and understand traffic sources, thereby enhancing your networking strategy. This added value is not available with traditional business cards.

Environmental Impact

Queue Card’s digital nature significantly reduces its environmental impact. For every Queue Card sold, a tree is planted in partnership with Ecologi, making it an eco-friendly choice.


Queue Cards cost as little as £2.99 per card, priced monthly, with no contracts. The ability to update information in real time and unlimited availability makes it a cost-effective option in the long run.

Switching to Queue Card is not just a step into the future—it’s a smart financial and environmental decision. To get started with Queue Card, use the code “30OFF” for a 30% discount on your purchase.

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